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Have a personal project you're working on, but can't figure out how to make it work? From self-published books to a flyer for your one person show, the Five Dollar Freelancer will fit perfectly into your budget. Get a simple flyer or book cover made quickly, and looking professional.


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A Simple Letter is the home of the Five Dollar Freelancer, giving you simple graphic edits and designs for your average consumer and small business. Prices start at $5 a piece, and total packages cost less than what you would find on complicated freelance websites.

Freelancing has become hard. You sign up for a website, search through hundreds of people and designs, and in the end you spend more time hoping the person knows what they're doing than getting what you needed done. Keep things simple, with A Simple Letter.



Did you take a photo, you love the photo but you hate that beer bottle that sits in front of you? Does your son or daughter have a tattoo in their school photos? Have them digitally altered using our Five Dollar Freelancer deal and save the moment looking good.

Starting a small business? Get your logo created here for less than what you'll find elsewhere. Logos can cost thousands of dollars just to start talking to an artist.

Have your logo created here, and get your business up and running quickly.

Small business

Getting married? Having worked in the industry, saving money is a huge deal. Invitations can cost thousands of dollars, including content they already have made.

Get your wedding invitations, save the dates, name cards and more created here to look exactly like you want them to while saving money.

If your church group needs t-shirts or your soft ball league wants to look good, don't go with a simple design that hundreds of others use.

Get your t-shirts looking like you want them to. All for a great price that fits your budget.

Starting a Twitch, YouTube or other website channel? Get your artwork done here and make it look professional so you can get followers. Our Five Dollar Freelancer deal can turn your page into something that looks like you spent hundreds of dollars for a lot less.

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